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  • Single-Cylinder Carpet Shearing Machine
  • D-Tech Carpet Automation Line
  • D-Tech Carpet Automation Line

About Us

SM Machine started production life by producing replacement part in 1974 and gained the company qualification by institutionalizing after 1994 and has succeeded in having a say in producing textile machines and sector of machine manufacturing at home and abroad by accelerating its investments since this year.

SM Machine manufactures machines such as carpet shaving machine, carpet back coating machine, carpet confection machine, etc., those are important for the quality and producing of carpet by competing with companies on international scale and allocated wide resource to research and development Works in order to stay in competition continually. SM Machine carries out production with well-trained man power and full-automation as a result of importance attached to productivity.

  • Quality Production
  • 30 Years Experience
  • Advanced Research And Understanding
  • Customer Satisfaction
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